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Four Charlie Parker Interviews

Here are four 1950s era Parker interviews released at one time or another on LP or CD that have been transcribed at the great Miles Davis website Miles Ahead:

  • May 1950, New York: with Marshall Stearns and John Maher
  • March 1951, New York: with Leonard Feather
  • June 1953, Boston: with John McLellan
  • January 1954, Boston: with John McLellan and Paul Desmond

They are all great, read ’em up.

Click here to read Four Charlie Parker Interviews

Two Dexter Gordon Interviews

Dex sat down to talk to Les Tomkins in 1962 and these two great pieces came out of it. The legendary tenor talks about his time away from jazz, West Coast jazz, Blue Note, and a host of other topics.

Click here to read “They can’t take that away from me”

Click here to read “Lester and Wardell”

Snap, Crackle, it’s Roy Haynes

Roy Haynes sat down with Gary Walker at WBGO (at 9am!) for a nearly hour long interview back in 2008. He talks about his early years in Massachusetts, playing with so many fellow greats, and so much more. An inspiring chat with a living legend!

Click here to listen to Snap, Crackle, it’s Roy Haynes

Marty Morell on Bill Evans

In this new three part interview from JazzWax posted last week, Marc Myers speaks with drummer Marty Morell about his time with Bill Evans. Some really great insights here to both Evans and Morell.

Click here to read Marty Morell on Bill Evans (Pt. 1)

Click here to read Marty Morell on Bill Evans (Pt. 2)

Click here to read Marty Morell on Bill Evans (Pt. 3)

Interview: Dan Morgenstern

Today’s interview, a great two-parter from 2007 with Dan Morgenstern, director (now emeritus) of the Institute of Jazz Studies at Rutgers University, comes courtesy of Marc Myers at From the introduction:

“For those unfamiliar with Dan, he humbly describes himself as a “jazz advocate.” In truth, he’s one of the nation’s most respected jazz historians and authors as well as an archivist, editor and educator who has been active in jazz since 1958. As director of Rutgers’ Institute of Jazz Studies, he is responsible for the world’s largest collection of jazz-related materials. In addition to being jazz’s man of letters, the 78-year-old Morgenstern is a genuinely nice guy with an unbridled passion for the joy jazz brings.”

In Part 1 Dan discusses the IJS Louis Armstrong collection, what it takes to write liner notes, a couple of dicey moments with jazz musicians over the years, and why critics must remain objective:

In Part 2 Dan  talks about the rise of drugs in jazz—and the factors that allowed rock to replace jazz as America’s most popular music. Dan also recommends seven essential jazz CDs—and names three jazz artists who he says deserve greater recognition.

Click here to read Interview: Dan Morgenstern Part 1

Click here to read Interview: Dan Morgenstern Part 2

Harry “Sweets” Edison in 1995

The great trumpet player speaks about Basie, Lester Young, Louis Armstrong, and much more in this 1995 interview with Monk Rowe. Text and audio versions of this interview are hosted at the Hamilton College Library Jazz Archive:

Click here for Harry “Sweets” Edison in 1995

A discussion with Jon Hendricks and Wynton Marsalis

An absolutely fantastic interview with Jon Hendricks and Wynton Marsalis on the Charlie Rose show from 1996 on the eve of Hendricks’ 75th birthday. Hendricks discusses scat, Art Tatum, Louis Armstrong, and even drops a little Louisiana Purchase history lesson on Charlie!

Click here to watch A discussion with Jon Hendricks and Wynton Marsalis

Two Tal Farlow interviews

For the legendary guitarist’s 91st birthday, here are two magazine interviews:

Click here to read Downbeat 02/79

Click here to read Guitar Magazine from 12/81 and 01/82 

Blindfold Test: Charles Mingus

Leonard Feather conducted this listening session with Mingus for Downbeat in April of 1960. Mingus is not very complimentary about much of what he hears. Interesting read.

Click here to read Blindfold Test: Charles Mingus

Interview with John McLaughlin by Robert Fripp in Musician

This 1982 interview with John McLaughlin conducted by Robert Fripp for Musician Magazine is exactly what you would imagine an interview with John McLaughlin conducted by Robert Fripp would be like. Enjoy.

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