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Nat Adderley: A Player’s Player

natAdderleyHere is an interview with the great cornetist/trumpeter Nat Adderley recently posted at the AllAboutJazz webiste. The interview was conducted by Joan Gannij in 1996 and originally appeared in Downbeat Magazine. Adderley covers some interesting topics including racism, East Coast vs. West Coast jazz, the jazz scenes in Europe vs. the USA, and much more. A great read!

JG: How would you compare performing in Europe with the States: 

NA: Around the world, the audiences are larger than ever. We get to play our music more now than at the end of the 50s when we were creating the style. In those days we would leave New York to go on a cross country tour from coast to coast, playing week-long gigs in clubs in PhiladelphiaClevelandDetroitKansas CitySan FranciscoLos Angeles, then back again via PortlandSeattle and Tacoma. Today, you can’t do that. In fact, I haven’t been to Detroit or Cleveland in twenty years. Why? Cause there’s no place to play, there’s no market, no promoters. In fact, I rarely go to Chicago anymore. When I added up over the last five years, the city I played in the most was Zurich, even though I have a regular one-week contract to play in New York every year at Sweet Basil.

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—Peter Blasevick

Inside the Cannonball Adderley Quintet

In this fantastic four page 1961 Downbeat interview with Don DeMichael, Cannonball, his brother Nat Adderley, Louis Hayes, Victor Feldman, and Sam Jones discuss religion, if musical ability is innate or learned, and the factor of race in jazz. Nat speaks on the latter topic for quite a bit. Great insight!

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Nat Adderley 1995

This interview with the great cornetist took place on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship where he was playing a stint with a group of musicians that included Jimmy Cobb. The link brings you to a page at the Hamilton College Library and has links to both the text and audio interviews.

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