Interview with Joey Alexander

joeyAlexanderHere is a really fun interview sent to me by pianist and teacher Mark Polishook that he did with Joey Alexander, a really gifted young pianist from Indonesia. Well, he’s not young, he’s 10 years old and he’s a prodigy. There are plenty of videos of him on YouTube if you haven’t heard him play, it’s worth the trip. From the interview:

MP: Giant Steps is one of the tunes you like to play. I’m sure you know how important it is in jazz history and I’m sure you know what it represents to jazz musicians. When did you first play it? Is there something in Giant Steps that speaks to you? Does it present any special challenges when you play it?

JA: I first played Giant Steps when I was 8. I know it’s an important tune and I love the progression. And I like John Coltrane’s music very much. It’s always a challenge to play. So I always focus on being simple. Every tune is hard if I want to play it right. [Joey smiles].

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—Peter Blasevick