Joe Alterman: A Young Jazz Man with Big Passion

joeAltermanJoe Alterman is a great young jazz pianist with a truly beautiful musicality to his playing. I just picked up last year’s “Give Me the Simple Life”, and it is fantastic. Here he is in a 2012 interview with From the interview:

(TS): You’ve been recording professionally for a few years now, how does the difference in playing a live show versus recording in a studio affect your process?

(JA): The biggest difference in the studio is that there’s a time constraint. It creates a different kind of focus. When I play a live show, I can play as long as I want. I can solo out. When people listen to a recording, they don’t necessarily want to hear a seven-minute piece like they would in a live show. When I record, I have to say as much as I would say in seven minutes in a live show in three minutes. I also can’t necessarily listen back to a live show like I can a recording (well I can, but it’s different). I don’t want to play stuff that I wouldn’t want to listen to on a record. (chuckles)

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