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Art Blakey on Powerhouse Radio 1977

Drummer week at TNYDP! Today, a cool radio interview with the great drummer and bandleader Art Blakey from the Atlantic City radio station WUSS (yup). From the page:

A true legend, and an unwavering evangelist for the traditional elements of jazz, Art Blakey talks from his soul about his magnificent career. King from Powerhouse Radio was lucky enough to chat with Art Blakey while Art was still performing. Art passed away in 1990 at the age of 71.

Click here to listen to Art Blakey on Powerhouse Radio 1977

Three Interviews with Art Blakey

From, here are three interviews with the legendary drummer and bandleader Art BlakeyartBlakey, all conducted by Les Tomkins:

In “One of the Extroverts of Jazz” from 1963, Blakey discusses the early days of the Messengers:

“It used to be, a few years ago, that everybody wanted to be the leader of his own group…You see, after the Messengers, the MJQ, Horace Silver or any of these well–organised groups come through with their arrangements, it makes it pretty hard for the others. The people know the difference now…We battled this thing for years and I guess Horace Silver and I helped to make it this way. We hated to see these jam groups going on all the time. We had to start out like that, with Clifford Brown and Curly Russell at Birdland. Very luckily, we had a group that clicked together and came off with some good, swinging records.”

Also here are interviews from 1973 and 1987. Enjoy!

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—Peter Blasevick