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An Interview with Dave Brubeck, July 23, 2007

A week of piano interviews at TNYDP, and we must post one with the legendary Dave Brubeck who passed away late last week. This 2007 interview with Ted Panken that Ethan Iverson tweeted out the day Brubeck died is as good a tribute as any. A bit from the interview:

You started to play for money when you were in your early teens, and I’d imagine then you started learning about being a bandleader—which is also part of music. Bending people to your will, as it were.

You see, when we left Concord, California, I was well, and were moving to this huge cattle ranch, 45,000 acres, owned by H.C. Howard who owned Seabiscuit. Of course, he owned other ranches, and Seabiscuit wasn’t on this ranch. But when I moved there, I would still be improvising after school and playing the piano. The guy that came to pick up our laundry at the ranch and take it to Lodi, where Mondavi started, about 18 miles away… He’d take the laundry, and he heard me playing, and he said, “I could use you in my band.” I was 14 then, and he hired me, and we played on the Mokelumne River, outdoor dance floor that was all warped from the rain, and electric lightbulbs hanging from wires with the decorations. His name was John Ostabah. From Ostabah, I went to another band in Ione, California, that played all the foothill dances. Believe me, that was an experience. Very few people have had the experiences I had when I was very young. Because the towns of Jackson and Sutter Creek were wide-open. That means everything in California that was against the law, was not against the law in those mining towns.

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An Interview with Dave Brubeck

This interview from 1995 by Raoul Van Hall for KMDH 89.1 Jazz Radio in Portland Oregon covers everything from the pianist’s early influences, trademark tunes like Take 5 and and Blue Rondo A La Turk, and playing for every president since JFK.

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