Vinnie Colaiuta: Beyond Black and White

vinnieColaiutaVinnie Colaiuta is one of the busiest and most admired drummers on the planet. Whether with Sting or Allan Holdsworth, Megadeath or Herbie Hancock, he is always a pea sure to listen to. Here he is in a nice 2007 interview with Modern Drummer posted on his own site. From the interview:

MD: Drummers always say, “You have to play for the song.”

VC: First of all, you have to want to play for the song. You have to enjoy doing that. Then you’ll start seeing the musical value and fulfillment in that. You’ll sense it, feel it, and know it. You’ll sense the synergy in it. You won’t even think, “Man, I could have done this really cool lick there.” That is defeatist, non-musical thinking.

Any time you strike the drums you have to be aware that you’re creating a musical event. If you think of it as something more or less technical, you’re thinking reductionistically. If you think, “I have to play the song well,” it can become a chore to develop so people will like you, versus, “I see the value of this and it makes sense.” That’s not to say that you can play anything and use your own criteria to deem it a musical event. There are laws of music. I could sit down and play a drum solo and think, “I will baffle them.”

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