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Absolute Brilliance with guest Jacob Collier

jacobCollierThe most talented musician in the world may be 19 years old and it may be Jacob Collier. He just released a new video and here is a new interview from a couple weeks ago with Kerry Marsh on his podcast Vocal Jazz and Beyond. You can imagine they get to talking about all things composing, arranging, and playing. The interview with Jacob starts at about 23:00 of the 1:17:00 podcast.

Click here to listen to Absolute Brilliance with guest Jacob Collier

—Peter Blasevick


Jacob Collier: Multi-instrumentalist and music Genius

If you haven’t yet checked out Jacob Collier, do so. Right now.

In this 2012 interview with the Brazilian website Falafil, the singer, multi-instrumentalist, and all around prodigy discusses his famous videos, his family, the Royal Academy of Music, and other topics. From the interview:

You are a winning self-taught multi-instrumentalist. How and when you discovered your interest and natural talent for music?

I have been interested in and passionate about music every since I can remember. My mother inspired me from a very young age by playing her violin, and I often used to watch her conducting the chamber orchestra at the Royal Academy of Music. There were always instruments around my house, and I always loved to play, as well as to sing. I remember being given a Djembe drum when I was about eight, and loving it. I was introduced to Cubase software when I was about seven years old, and this enabled me to begin composing, arranging, and recording my music. I always loved to record singing in harmony, even at a young age.

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—Peter Blasevick