Jack DeJohnette: Painting With Sticks

JackDeJohnetteHere is an interesting talk with the great drummer Jack DeJohnette from keyboardist and composer George Colligan. The interview was originally posted on his blog JazzTruth (which you should check out), but was recently reprinted at AllAboutJazz. The interview was conducted while they were touring Europe together in May of 2011. From the interview:

GC: How would you describe, if there was a way to describe it, your general concept of drumming?

JD: I would describe it like I did in a video recently. It’s called musical expression on the drum set. That’s what I do. I see myself as a colorist, not as a drummer, per se. I always though, “I want to do on drums what somebody like Keith Jarrett does on the piano.” The drum set is a musical instrument like guitar and everything else. You tune them, you tune the set, like you tune a guitar or bass, and I tune my drums in such a way so that no matter what I play, whatever I hit on it is a melody and that makes me think differently, it makes me think more melodically. And you know, you play drums, so you’ve played my set,so when you play it, no matter what you play…

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