2014 Interview with Bob Cranshaw

bobCranshawJust this morning Ethan Iverson posted a new interview he conducted with longtime Sonny Rollins bassist Bob Cranshaw. Great questions (as always) from Ethan and a really interesting and long talk. Here is Bob talking about coming to NYC with his group in 1960:

EI:  You felt like New York musicians didn’t accept your group?

BC:  They were not warm. There was just a funny feeling, but it really set me up. Some of the guys that I became really close to once I was here were some of the guys that just seemed kind of, “Eh…” It was like, “Well, we’re from Chicago.” I’m sure you’ve gone through some of it here. “Well, you’re not the New York [guy]. You’re not the ‘in’ guy,” all of those things. At that point, I said, “Okay. They don’t want me? They got me. Somebody is gonna have to move over.” That was my attitude. Somebody just gotta move.

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—Peter Blasevick