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Two Jack DeJohnette audio interviews

JackDeJohnetteHere are two podcast interviews with the legendary drummer Jack DeJohnette from the AllAboutJazz site. In 2011 DeJohnette discusses his famous cymbals and creating his signature sound. The following year DeJohnette talks about the next phase of his storied career, his induction as a 2012 NEA Jazz Master, and the multiple projects he took to the Newport Jazz Festival that summer.

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—Peter Blasevick

Jack DeJohnette: Painting With Sticks

JackDeJohnetteHere is an interesting talk with the great drummer Jack DeJohnette from keyboardist and composer George Colligan. The interview was originally posted on his blog JazzTruth (which you should check out), but was recently reprinted at AllAboutJazz. The interview was conducted while they were touring Europe together in May of 2011. From the interview:

GC: How would you describe, if there was a way to describe it, your general concept of drumming?

JD: I would describe it like I did in a video recently. It’s called musical expression on the drum set. That’s what I do. I see myself as a colorist, not as a drummer, per se. I always though, “I want to do on drums what somebody like Keith Jarrett does on the piano.” The drum set is a musical instrument like guitar and everything else. You tune them, you tune the set, like you tune a guitar or bass, and I tune my drums in such a way so that no matter what I play, whatever I hit on it is a melody and that makes me think differently, it makes me think more melodically. And you know, you play drums, so you’ve played my set,so when you play it, no matter what you play…

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2010 Jack DeJohnette Interview at NYU

Here is a cool 10:00 video interview with the great Jack DeJohnette. In this 2010 interview with Dr. David Schroeder, Director of the NYU Steinhardt Jazz Studies Program, the drummer talks about a number of topics including playing with Sting and going to see Charles Mingus.

—Peter Blasevick

In Conversation with Jack DeJohnette

I’ll be posting some great interviews from jazz mega-site this week, and today’s is a 2009 interview with the living legend Jack DeJohnette. A couple of excerpts from his talk with Ted Panken:

“I’ve always been curious about mixing different things, like an alchemist,” Jack DeJohnette told me several years ago. “Different genres of music have always cross-pollinated, but the rate is speeded up now.”

“I’m more refined now, but much looser in another way,” DeJohnette reflected in 2005. “I’m taking in much more. My heart is more open, and I’m free to do whatever I want. So playing music is more joyful to me.”

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