Art Farmer in 1974 and 1988

artFarmerHere are two interviews with the great trumpeter Art Farmer from the UK National Jazz Archive. The first of the two interviews by Les Tomkins includes tributes from bandmate Ron Simmonds on his memories of Art Famer and his unique solo at Ronnie Scott’s Club in 1974. The second covers traveling and the ClarkeBoland band. From the first interview:

“I’ve always felt that I was one hundred per cent dedicated to playing, but each year that I’m in it I find out that I can do a bit more. I find out that I can and I should, or I should have been. Like, when you first start playing you practise maybe an hour a day, and you figure: “Well, gee, I’m really giving my all to it.” And you find out later that that’s really just a drop in the bucket—and there’s no end to it, no limit. You have to expend your energy as long as you have it to expend, and that’s still not enough.”

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