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Robert Glasper’s Black Radio 2 playlist

robertGlasperThe hard-to-pigeonhole keyboardist Robert Glasper sat down recently with Hilary Hughes for Esquire Magazine to discuss his new record Black Radio 2. Glasper walks readers through the tracks on the record and discusses all the guest artists, from Common to Lalah Hathaway to Snoop Dogg. He also picks songs from the artists for a cool playlist linked from the interview page. From the interview, Glasper on Norah Jones:

“Norah and I went to jazz camp together in high school! She went to the performance arts high school in Dallas, and I went to the one in Houston. Her high school had Erykah Badu; my high school had Beyoncé. (Laughs) The next time I saw her after jazz camp was in 2001: I was a senior in college in New York, and she was in a practice room at my college, practicing the piano. I was like, ‘What are you doing here!’ and she was like, ‘My friend let me in! I’m working on a demo!’ The very next time I saw her, she was winning eight Grammys.

Click here to read Robert Glasper’s Black Radio 2 playlist

—Peter Blasevick

Robert Glasper on Tavis Smiley 2012

Keeping with this week’s theme of interviews from talk show host Tavis Smiley’s archive, here is a brand new talk with pianist and producer Robert Glasper, one of the rare musicians who has been able to walk that line between jazz and other styles of music and have success, acclaim, and street cred in them all. When Tavis asks him if being called a Jazz pianist is too limiting a phrase, Glasper responds:

“Not really…when I hear the words ‘Jazz pianist’, that just means I have the skills to do most things. Because to be a Jazz pianist, even to be a BAD Jazz pianist, you have to be…you have to be pretty good, if that makes any sense, you know what I mean? It gives you a lot of tools just to play Jazz, even bad, so you can pretty much approach any other music and be able to technically play it.” 

— Peter Blasevick