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2010 Jim Hall interview from the Library of Congress

The great Jim Hall may have passed away this past December at the age of 83, but there are still plenty of places on the ol’ interweb machine to learn about the guitar legend. Here Hall talks about his life and music is a fantastic hour long interview with the Library of Congress’ Larry Appelbaum.

—Peter Blasevick

Two Jim Hall interviews from Downbeat

jimHallVery sad to hear of the passing of the great Jim Hall. In going back through the archives I was surprised to see I’ve never posted an interview with him! Here are two nice pieces on Hall from Downbeat Magazine, one from 1962 and the second from 1965. In this excerpt, Hall discusses his early time with Sonny Rollins:

“I was living on 49th Street with another guitar player, Park Hill, and sleeping on the floor,” he recalled. “Sonny had heard me somewhere and, since I had no phone, came on up to 49th St. and left me the invitation. He didn’t have a phone either so I went downtown to Grand St. with a note accepting.

“It was a tremendously rewarding year with Sonny. I learned more from him, and was inspired more by him, than anyone in recent years. He is such a virtuoso that it scares you to be on the same bandstand. I felt I had to practice every day so that I wouldn’t let Sonny down. I produced because I was scared of Sonny.

“The way he can project to an audience musically is fantastic. And he can sail in and out of different keys at random and at breakneck tempos. He and Bill Evans are the only virtuosos I’ve ever played with.”

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—Peter Blasevick