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Roy Hargrove in Chicago 2011

Here are four 2011 video interviews with the always honest and interesting trumpeter Roy Hargrove from the folks over at iRockJazz.

In the first clip, Hargrove talks about what it’s like to live life on the road as a Jazz musician, and how the business is more about what a musician has to deal with, and not the performance itself. Roy also elaborates about what a musician who lives for the music gives back, and gives up for a ‘on the road’ lifestyle:

Here he talks about his background in music, his roots in a gospel upbringing, and how the music he plays is from the heart, and the creator:

In the third, he discusses how music is ever present in his thoughts, and how he will be inspired, and is thinking about music all the time:

Finally, Roy says it isn’t about having a job or making money, you have to put more into it then that, and if you do, the music will take care of you:

—Peter Blasevick

Six Roy Hargrove Interviews

Roy Hargrove is always funny and always has something interesting to say. Here are six short clips of the trumpeter at the 2011 Chicago Jazz Fest from Click on any of the six videos below to watch; they are all great, but I can’t get enough of the first one in which he remembers a night when George Coleman schooled him a bit on the bandstand.

— Peter Blasevick