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Smithsonian Oral Histories: Roy Haynes 1994

royHaynesGetting back to posting some of these great Smithsonian oral histories today. Here is a 1994 interview with drummer and living legend Roy Haynes. As with all of these histories, they cover the subject’s entire life in depth up through the interview. The 79 page .PDF contains the entire interview, while the seven audio clips cover John Coltrane, how Haynes avoided being drafted to the Army, the culture of Harlem and New York City, playing at the Apollo Theater, what Lester Young calls a job, being misunderstood as a drummer, and the fact that Roy Haynes wants Sonny Rollins to call him back! From the interview, conducted by Anthony Brown:

Brown: Back in those days, what was distinctive about these different drummers’ styles, like Art Blakey or Kenny Clarke or Papa Jo? What was it particularly that was so captivating for you?

Haynes: Papa Jo – he wasn’t known as Papa Jo then, but he was Papa Jo, whether he realized it or I realized it. He had such a happy feeling. Whatever he played, if it was just one beat, it knocked me out, the way he did it. I wasn’t into necessarily all that rudimental brrrrrrrrrr – all of that. This guy was flashy, and the way he said what he said, that was it. 

How I met Kenny Clarke: he was introduced by one of the deejays at the same Sunday session – one of the Sunday sessions at the Ken Club. He was the last one to be introduced to the audience, Kenny Clarke. The deejay said, “If you want to know anything about this guy, ask Jo Jones.” When he said that, I had to love him automatically.

Click here to listen to and read Smithsonian Oral Histories: Roy Haynes 1994

—Peter Blasevick

Up Close and Personal With Roy Haynes

Another great video interview from JazzVideoGuy Bret Primack. His channel on YouTube is full of cool videos like this one, check it out if you haven’t already.

There aren’t too many of the all time legends still with us. Today, Bret and present an in-depth talk with Jazz percussion great Roy Haynes, with Nasar Abadey, at the 2012 Mid-Atlantic Jazz Festival. Roy talks about his first drum set, how he never played with Duke Ellington’s Orchestra, gigging with Charlie Parker and Lester Young, and other memories, as well as offering some of his tap dancing expertise.

— Peter Blasevick

Snap, Crackle, it’s Roy Haynes

Roy Haynes sat down with Gary Walker at WBGO (at 9am!) for a nearly hour long interview back in 2008. He talks about his early years in Massachusetts, playing with so many fellow greats, and so much more. An inspiring chat with a living legend!

Click here to listen to Snap, Crackle, it’s Roy Haynes