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Joe Henderson in Saxophone Journal 1991

I’m going to post a few interviews this week that are hosted on Mel Martin’s great site. The great Joe Henderson talks about everything from his influences to Selmer saxophones to Johnny Cash in this 1991 intervieww from Saxophone Journal. Here he is on not just listening to Jazz:

I had been listening to Rhythm and Blues, and I had gone through that generation. I was always around Country and Western music as well. I know as much about Johnny Cash as I do about Charlie Parker, because I grew up in that area. This was all we heard on the radio. Sometimes I could dial in these far off stations, like in Chicago, where I would hear something just a little more musical. A little more similar to the records that my brother had in his collection, and I liked this. I knew that this was bebop, and I could differentiate that. I spent most of my time listening to bebop, and that was what I appreciated most, so this is what I gravitated toward when I started developing and getting a few things together about playing the saxophone. I was still quite innocent, it was like a toy at that point.

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— Peter Blasevick

Rare Conversation with John Scofield and Joe Henderson: 9/3/96

Courtesy of JazzVideoGuy:

“Guitarist John Scofield and Joe Henderson met with Bret Primack for an interview that would become an article for JazzTimes magazine. Bret documented the interview on a Sony High 8 camcorder and the tapes sat in his archives for fifteen years. While transferring some content for another video, Bret discovered the lost interview, found the content quite interesting, and decided to post it here, in its entirety, even though the technical quality is not up to today’s standards.”

Joe Henderson with Charlie Rose

In honor of Joe Henderson’s 75th birthday today, here is a great 15 minute in-studio interview with Charlie Rose. The piece was to promote his new release Porgy and Bess, but he talks about many other things including his thoughts on critical acclaim, his dream band, and his Grammy winning album Lush Life. Henderson is a delight throughout, and at the end of the interview he performs a beautiful version of “I Loves You Porgy” as a duet with John Scofield! A gem.