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2010 interview with Dave Holland at NYU

I’ve been listening to some of these interesting interviews done in 2009 and 2010 by Dr. David Schroeder for the NYU Steinhardt Jazz Studies Program. Check out the short lived blog here. Today is a fun talk with bassist Dave Holland on how he came to join Miles Davis back in 1968.

—Peter Blasevick

In Conversation with Dave Holland

I’ll be posting some great interviews from jazz mega-site this week, and today’s is a 2008 interview with the great bassist Dave Holland. Here is an excerpt of him talking about Mulgrew Miller and Eric Harland:

“I always feel that the person behind the music—their feeling about life and working with other people, their generosity, and all these kinds of things—is what comes through in any great musician. I’ve found both Mulgrew and Eric to be really wonderful people, and through that, their music is very embracing and inclusive and communally minded. How people work together becomes a very important aspect for me—not just as strong individuals, but how they work together as a team and how open they are to what’s going on in the band.

“More specifically, for me, Mulgrew embodies the tradition of the piano, going back to early influences. It’s all there in his playing. But he’s managed to create a very individual, personal, and contemporary way of using those influences. He is also a consummate accompanist. It’s a thrill to hear what he’s playing behind the soloist; not only soloing on piano, but what he does within the rhythm section.

To me, Eric is a unique drummer. Again, he’s a great listener. He’s very supportive. He’s totally in touch with the musical moment that we’re involved in as we play, and he’s always pushing to create a new rhythmic context for the group and finding new ways to approach the pieces that we’ve been playing. There’s a very nice balance between a sort of free approach and a formal approach to the music, so it covers a lot of ground for me. Of course, the feel of what he does is wonderful, too.”

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