Chuck Israels: Tribute To Bill Evans

Bassist/arranger/composer Chuck Israels is in expansive form for this interview with Robin Arends from AllAboutJazz conducted in a room of a former monastery in Oegstgeest, a small town in the Netherlands near the North Sea. The 77 year old legend recently published the album Second Wind (Soulpatch Music Productions, 2013), a tribute to pianist Bill Evans. From the interview:

AAJ: So today jazz musicians should use Charlie Parker, Cole Porter, George Gershwin as their starting point? 

CI: Yes, you have to build on to something. The idea that anyone is original and comes up with his own ideas is not really accurate. You have a personality which has been developed by which ideas you take and which ones you reject, but it all comes from behind. You can’t start with John Coltrane and go from there. That doesn’t work.

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