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Charlie Haden and Keith Jarrett in 2010

The jazz world lost the great bassist Charlie Haden over the weekend. From Ornette Coleman to Quartet West to Diana Krall, he played with a long and varied list of great musicians over a long and productive career. I particularly like his work with Keith Jarrett, and here the two are discussing their 2010 duet project Jasmine.

—Peter Blasevick

NEA Jazz Masters: Interview with Keith Jarrett

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Here is a quick interview with Keith Jarrett on his receiving the NEA Jazz Masters award in January of this year.

“It’s like my body knows exactly what to do. It’s just like my left hand knows what to play. And if I tell it what to play, I’m stopping it. [Laughs] Not only am I stopping it, but I’m stopping it from playing something better than I can think of!”

—Peter Blasevick

Keith Jarrett: ‘I Want The Imperfections To Remain’

keithJarrettIn this interview with All Things Considered from May 2013, Keith Jarrett discusses an album of six standards called Somewhere recorded live in Lucerne, Switzerland four years ago.

“I tried not to manipulate anything,” Jarrett tells NPR’s Robert Siegel. “I like the raw tapes. I like it just as it’s handed to me the night that it happens. I want the imperfections to remain because, to tell the truth, the way I play in a given space is because of the space. So if we start to change that and I listen to it, then I don’t even like it at all.”

“Players are very protective of their turf,” Jarrett says. “Over and over in the past, I’ve had the experience of knowing we just played the best version; we will not need to do another take. If it’s a band, it’s a band. If what we do when we’re playing together is good enough, even the solos don’t matter that much. What matters is the spirit kept.”

Click here to listen to Keith Jarrett: ‘I Want The Imperfections To Remain’ 

2009 Interview with Keith Jarrett

A great, long, revealing interview with Keith Jarrett by Ethan Iverson from his great DoTheMath blog. The interview starts:

EI:  Do you play the piano every day?

KJ:  Now I do, yeah. There was a long time in my life (when I was ill) when I didn’t practice really at all regularly, but now, yes, I do. It really depends on what I am working towards or away from or both. Sometimes I have to slowly erase one thing and move towards another.

I was just working on Bach over the last few months, and now I have to shelve that and pretend that I know how to do a solo concert, and while I’m pretending that, that’s practicing. But! I thought I was going to shelve the Bach, but now I’m playing the Bach, and for the last twenty-five minutes I do the other thing and it works very well. Because by the time I do the finger-work that Bach requires, and the control thing, my fingers are ready to be completely out-of-control and in-control at the same time. I didn’t realize that it was helping me improvise until Gary Peacock looked at me between sets and said, “Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it.”

 Click here to read 2009 Interview with Keith Jarrett 


Keith Jarrett On Piano Jazz

This week at TNYDP I’ll be listing some of the great episodes from NPR’s Piano Jazz.

Host Marian McPartland tried for years to line-up elusive pianist Keith Jarrett for a Piano Jazz session. Following his stellar performance at Carnegie Hall in 2005, McPartland confronted the elusive performer and convinced him to put in an appearance on her show. The Allentown, Pa., native graciously invited McPartland and a small crew to his home studio, a converted barn next to his 18th-century farmhouse. The intimate setting and the chemistry between the two made for an exhilarating session.

Jarrett plays totally in the moment — he sits down at the piano with no musical pre-conceptions.

“Usually if I have an idea it locks me in its little room and keeps me there unless I get rid of it before I put my hands on a keyboard,” Jarrett says.

Appropriately, he begins the session with a lyrical, improvised piece reminiscent of jazz great Bill Evans and classical composer Aaron Copland. It’s a complete musical idea of which McPartland says, “Lovely chords!”

Click here to listen to Keith Jarrett on Piano Jazz

Keith Jarrett: How I Create

A very cool interview with Keith Jarrett by Keith Goetzman for the UTNE reader around the release of Jarrett’s La Scala in 1997. Jarrett attempts to describe how he prepares for one of his solo improv concerts.

Click here to read Keith Jarrett: How I Create

Keith Jarrett 1999

In these four excerpts from a 1999 audio interview with Doug Watson, the great Keith Jarrett discusses a number of topics including connectedness and sensitivity, criticism, the trio, and his battle with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.