The Odd Jobs Of Dave King

daveKingHere is an interesting interview with drummer Dave King, best known for his work with The Bad Plus. Lara Pellegrinelli of NPR’s A Blog Supreme recently took the interesting angle of asking King about drummers as multi-taskers and different jobs, both musical and non, that he has held. From the interview:

Why don’t you tell me if any special skills you developed from these jobs parlayed themselves into your musical existence?

It’s funny, they’re very similar when you stack them up. I’d work jobs that took very little actual interaction with people so I could be in my own thought process. I spent time doing visualization about music and about what I wanted to do with my life and career. I was doing jazz gigs, trying to be the guy that people called for things, and learning how to do all of that, as well, but I had to have some money coming in during the day. I just didn’t want to do anything that would take any mental space away from my creative mind.

Oh, man, I’m remembering a good one. When I was in Los Angeles, I worked at Kinko’s. It was a goldmine for musicians because you can make flyers and postcards for your gigs. I got really into making these Basquiat-inspired, abstract neo-expressionist flyers that got a lot of attention for my band Happy Apple. And then I was a telemarketer selling bizarre stuff. Telemarketing is hell. I remember telling everyone this blanket would keep them cool in summer and warm in winter. And then there would be a tap on my shoulder because a supervisor had been listening to my conversation.

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—Peter Blasevick