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Jazz Conversations: Wayne Shorter & Joe Lovano

In this six part 2013 video discussion from the BlueNote YouTube pageWayne Shorter & Joe Lovano let mere mortals such as us listen in on their thoughts about music, life, and the rest of the world.

—Peter Blasevick

Three Joe Lovano video interviews from the 2012 Newport Jazz Festival

Hey, this is our 200th post! I hope everyone who visits the site finds it fun and useful; please let me know if there is anything you want to see (or see more of!)

This week I will be linking to some great video interviews from the JazzTimes YouTube page. There is so much more there than I’ll be posting this week, so be sure to check it out!

Today, three clips with tenor great Joe Lovano from the 2012 Newport Jazz Festival. In the first, Lovano talks about playing at the Newport Jazz Festival with various groups and about the festival’s legacy, along with some of his favorite jazz albums that were recorded live at Newport; in the second he discusses creating a band inspired by the music of Wayne Shorter; in the third, he talks about his early musical education and development, including his first instrument, his first paid gig and what he learned from his father, a noted sax player around Cleveland. Interview by Lee Mergner

—Peter Blasevick

Joe Lovano Discusses Hank Jones

This week I am posting video interviews from JazzVideoGuy himself, Bret Primack. Check out his channel on YouTube, there is so much to watch, you’ll look up and realize it’s two in the morning.

I’ve mentioned before I’m sure that I just love Hank Jones…any excuse to post about him is fine with me. Here is a nice long talk with tenor great Joe Lovano in which he discusses  working with the legendary pianist and goes into detail about their 2007 live duet album Kids.

— Peter Blasevick

Joe Lovano on The New Jazz Archive

Here is a 2011 interview with the great saxophonist Joe Lovano on the show The New Jazz Archive on Interlochen Public Radio (IPR). From the interview:

Joe: “Well, I started playing saxophone as a kid and my Dad played saxophone and he heard Charlie Parker play live in the late 40s, early 50s and was one of his disciples, let’s say, and always talked about hearing Bird. And as I was developing on my horn as a young player Charlie Parker’s music and way of playing was the foundations of some of my early studies once I started to be able to play the saxophone a little bit. The melodies and the song structures and the tunes were heavy studies and lessons from me as a young player.”

Click here to read and listen to Joe Lovano on The New Jazz Archive

Joe Lovano interview: Cat keeping Bird alive

From the Telegraph in March of 2011, Joe Lovano discusses his album Bird Songs and tells how he is taking the music of Charlie Parker into the future.

Click here to read Joe Lovano interview: Cat keeping Bird alive