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Like It Is: The Branford Marsalis Interview

branfordMarsalisBranford Marsalis usually has little problem sharing his thoughts on things, and this interview is no different. The great saxophonist takes on classical vs. jazz, virtuosity versus simplicity, musical maturity, and many other topics in this 2012 interview with JazzTimes. From the interview:

JT: McCoy once told me in an interview that he remembers seeing Trane playing in a band in Philly where he was walking the bar.

Marsalis: Yeah, Benny Golson told me that great story about Trane, that he had decided that he didn’t have enough rhythm-and-blues in his playing, so he took a gig walking the bar but didn’t tell his boys because he didn’t want them to see him. And they found out. Somebody came and said, “Trane’s walkin’ the bar!” at whatever the club was. They all ran there and then Trane got to the edge of the bar and saw them and said, “Aw, shit!” It’s a great story the way Benny tells it.

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—Peter Blasevick

Branford Marsalis on Ken Burns’ Jazz 1996

Ken Burns’ epic Jazz has it’s many detractors, and for a whole bunch of good reasons. However, despite its shortcomings, there are so many great interviews from the series. This one, with saxophonist Branford Marsalis, is a long (35 pages!), wide ranging interview on every aspect of jazz imaginable. Here is Branford on the saxophone in jazz:

“Well, the saxophone is, is the jazz instrument, as far as I’m concerned there is no other jazz instrument. Louis Armstrong played trumpet and at that time, that was the jazz instrument. But, the music started to change and the saxophones became a focal point in big band swing music. But when Charlie Parker came on the scene, he made the saxophone king. And we’re still the kings. We, we run the show.”

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-Peter Blasevick