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Wynton Marsalis Speaks Out

Hello all! This week I’ll be posting some great interviews from the fantastic, which is simply one of the top everything-jazz destinations on the web.

Trumpeter, composer, educator—Wynton Marsalis requires no introduction. Since beginning his career, he has received an almost endless stream of accolades, his share of criticisms, and an ever-growing level of recognition from within and without the jazz community. Speaking with Franz Matzner in 2004 from his tour bus to the accompaniment of companionable laughter, instruments being tuned, and the ambient hum of traffic, Marsalis offered thoughts on education, jazz and the internet, the significance of art, and the identity of the jazz genre, as well as his CD The Magic Hour. From the interview:

AAJ: Over the years, what have you found to be the most difficult part of teaching jazz?

WM: I think the most difficult thing about teaching jazz is a lack of reinforcement. You might teach a really good class, but there’s not a lot of reinforcement in the larger society. Many times the best environment to teach in is one where you say something and you teach a certain thing and then students can go out and see that in everyday life. But in the teaching of jazz, our sense of teaching is isolated. That’s the most difficult thing to overcome.

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Wynton Marsalis on Tavis Smiley in 2011

More interviews from talk show host Tavis Smiley’s archive today with a great 2011 talk with musician and educator Wynton Marsalis. In this excerpt, Wynton speaks about the hot young conductor Gustavo Dudamel:

I love Gustavo and I love what he does for classical music, and I love what he comes out of, El Sistema and the old man Abreu. When we were in Venezuela, I had the chance to go to his building. He had, like, five or six orchestras playing of kids from the hood playing, like, Mahler’s third symphony and Shostakovich fifth and Beethoven. Man, it’s unbelievable. I mean, they could play.

He also introduced me to his oldest teachers, who are trumpet players. He started with a couple of teachers and they’re both trumpet players, and they have an unbelievable system and he’s a great representative of that system and a great representative for the younger generation in classical music.” 

— Peter Blasevick

Wynton Marsalis and Ali Jackson at the Detroit Jazz Festival

This week I will be listing some interviews from the very cool site, A great online Jazz journal with interviews, reviews, and a lot more.

IRockJazz had the opportunity to interview Wynton Marsalis back stage at the 2012 Detroit Jazz Festival, and we continued the discussion we began with Ali Jackson about coming up in the Jazz scene as a young musician, and the dedication needed to succeed, along with interesting insights into the Jazz family, including Chicago’s own, Von Freeman and his impact on the music. Wynton also talks some trash about playing hoops! Funny.

— Peter Blasevick

A discussion with Jon Hendricks and Wynton Marsalis

An absolutely fantastic interview with Jon Hendricks and Wynton Marsalis on the Charlie Rose show from 1996 on the eve of Hendricks’ 75th birthday. Hendricks discusses scat, Art Tatum, Louis Armstrong, and even drops a little Louisiana Purchase history lesson on Charlie!

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