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Andre Previn with Martin Perlich 9/21/1990


Andre Previn often isn’t thought of as a “jazz” player due to due to his success in the classical and film worlds, but he is one heck of a piano player! Here is a great 1990 radio interview from Martin Perlich. From the intro:

I was fortunate to be invited to occasional breakfasts at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills with then Music Director of the LA Philharmonic André Previn. Raised on the Hollywood sound stages, Previn was an accomplished composer as well as extraordinary jazz pianist. Telarc had just released his second jazz CD—a trio with Mundel Lowe and Ray Brown—and Previn compared the art of improvisation to standard “straight” classical playing.

Click here to listen to Andre Previn with Martin Perlich 9/21/1990

—Peter Blasevick

Oscar Peterson & André Previn

This December 1977 BBC Four interview of Oscar Peterson was conducted (pun intended) by André Previn  sitting piano side and covers just about anything you’d like to know about the great Canadian pianist. Peterson performs examples (as does Previn) and the two generally yuck it up for an hour. Previn is typically funny and Peterson is typically great.