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Max Roach: A Shot of Life

I’m posting some fantastic interviews with great Jazz drummers this week. Here is a great five-part video interview with the man who pretty much invented be-bop drumming, Max Roach. In the interviews, conducted in Chicago by Jomo Cheatham in May of 1993, Roach talks about the Chicago Jazz scene, public schools, Rap music, Jazz and European Classical music, and his autobiography which was just released at the time of this interview. Fascinating stuff, and Roach is as cool an gracious as ever.

Note: it appears there should be six parts to this series (number 5 is missing). Any info, let me know and I will add it.

— Peter Blasevick

Max Roach Interview (1987)

A quick 4:16 with drummer Max Roach from 1987 speaking with Terry Gross on NPR’s Fresh Air (?).

When gross initially asks him about some of the breakneck paces of early bebop tunes, he replied: “Well, when they played fast, they played very fast. It was a period where instrumental virtuosity in our area, in the jazz area, prevailed.”

— Peter Blasevick