2010 Interview with Gunther Schuller

Gunther Schuller has been a larger than life force in the classical-jazz scene since the 1950s. In Part 1 of a wide ranging 2010 four-part interview by Marc Myers, the French hornist, composer, arranger, writer and producer talks about attending grade school in Germany just before World War II, the terrible accident that likely saved his life, arriving in New York and playing with Arturo Toscanini at age 16, and the start of his voracious appetite for the arts that began in earnest in the late 1940s; in Part 2 Gunther talks about meeting John Lewis, recording on the “Birth of the Cool” session, the hardest arrangement the nonet recorded that day, and why Mulligan’s Rocker still sounds so fresh; Schuller talks about the important albums three fascinating jazz recordings: the Modern Jazz Society with John Lewis, Gigi Gryce’s Nica’s Tempo, and Birth of the Third Stream in Part 3; and in Part 4 the pioneer talks about Leonard Bernstein, Miles Davis, and the Third Stream.

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– Peter Blasevick