Two George Shearing Interviews: 1984 and 1985

This week I’ll be linking to a series of interviews from the Canadian Jazz Archive Online, a project of JAZZ FM.91, Canada’s premier jazz radio station.

Here are two 1970s talks with British-born pianist George Shearing. In the first, Shearing discusses whether he was difficult to please musically as a young man, his quintet sound, and the influence of classical music on his work. In the second he covers the heights of his career, the accordion, and his unique sound. On the accordion!!:

“Well, it was portable and I used to take it to the pub and change and play certain parts on the accordion, you know. I think the thing that made me put the accordion down was when I realized that a true gentleman is a man who knows how to play the accordion and doesn’t.”

Click here to listen to George Shearing 1984

Click here to listen to George Shearing 1985

— Peter Blasevick