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A Fireside Chat With Horace Silver

horaceSliverSad news from the word of jazz that the legendary Horace Silver has died at the age of 85. As he was for so many others, he was a great favorite of mine, not just for the music, but also for his interesting and insightful commentary on the music he played. Here is an interview conducted by  Fred Jung posted to the AllAboutJazz site about 10 years ago. From the interview:

FJ: It has become a part of jazz lore, but as the story goes, very early in your career, you were struggling to move to New York, Stan Getz hired you and you were able to do so. 

HS: That’s pretty right. I had been saving my money to go to New York and try to make it in music. I got sick at that time and I had maybe seven hundred dollars in the bank and I had spent all that money on doctor bills. So I guess I used that as an excuse not to go because deep down within. I had a fear of going because what if I went down to New York and I didn’t make it? So I had procrastinated on going, although I had all this money saved up. Then when the medical bills came and I had spent all this money, it gave me an excuse not to make the move. But the good Lord was looking after me and Stan Getz came through Hartford and heard me and my trio and hired us. That was a blessing.

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—Peter Blasevick

Horace Silver—The Nitty Gritty is the largest portal for the official websites of hundreds of jazz musicians and organizations, and this week I will be posting some podcast interviews from their Jazz Perspectives and InnerViews podcasts series’.

Horace Silver is a living legend and one of America’s most prolific composers, with standards such as “Song For My Father” and “Sister Sadie.” Today’s Innerview was first aired on radio station WRVR on Lois Gilbert’s Jazz Masters series in 1979 and updated for the 2010 Detroit Jazz Festival and the theme of Flame Keepers: Carrying the Torch for Modern Jazz. In this hour-plus long podcast Silver talks us through his entire career and we get to hear a number of fantastic Silver recordings!

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Horace Silver 1983

This is the 100th post since I started TNYDP earlier this year, and new people are visiting the site every day. Thanx so much for coming and reading/watching/listening to all these great interviews!

Today I’ll link to three audio clips from a 1983 interview with the great pianist, composer, and bandleader Horace Silver from the Canadian Jazz Archive. Here is Mr. Silver discussing the jazz scene when he was growing up in Connecticut:

Q: “What was the musical atmosphere around [Connecticut] when you were growing up? Was there a lot of music and a lot of opportunity for you to play?”

A: “Horace Silver: No, well, the kind of music I played around there basically was…well, there was one Black night club there that once a week on a Saturday, we had a gig there, you know. And we played for the floor shows. They had a strip dancer and a comedian and a singer, you know, usually on the show. But then we would play for dancing and while playing for dancing, we could play some jazz, you know, as long as it wasn’t too fast, you know, the tempo were reasonable.”

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Downbeat Hall Of Fame: Horace Silver

From the December 1996 issue of Downbeat:

“Any time is a fine time to celebrate the wondrous works of Horace Silver, but now is a better moment than most. As of this issue, the noted jazzman has been selected to the Down Beat Hall of Fame, where he now joins such past bandmates as Davis, Rollins, Blakey, Getz, Brown, Coleman Hawkins, Young and J.J. Johnson, all previously elected to this highest of jazz posts.”

The then 68-year old pianist and bandleader talks about his career in this interview with Zan Stewart.

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