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Esperanza Spalding: The Intimate Balance

Here is a September 2010 AllAboutJazz interview with the very talented bassist and singer Esperanza Spalding. In the piece she discusses jazz and classical, her album Chamber Music Society, and being a musician and singer both. From the interview:

AAJ : Where does Esperanza the singer start and the musician end?

ES: That’s a good question—I never saw it like that, I guess. It’s not organized in my mind at all, really. I’m just going for what needs to be done, whether that means singing in a track or not, or I don’t know… You caught me off guard! It doesn’t really go with the way that I’m operating with my music. I certainly feel like all the elements, singing and playing, they’re really part of the same motivation, which for me comes out of composition: that’s my main passion, and what I really think rules everything else. It all comes from there. 

Click here to read Esperanza Spalding: The Intimate Balance

—Peter Blasevick

Two Esperanza Spalding from the 2011 Newport Jazz Festival

This week I will be linking to some great video interviews from the JazzTimes YouTube page. There is so much more there than I’ll be posting this week, so be sure to check it out!

Today, two interviews from the incredibly talented Esperanza Spalding at the 2011 Newport Jazz Festival. In the first segment, Spalding talks about her jazz and music education, about her teachers and mentors, and about her own experience as a teacher and mentor. In the second, Spalding talks about playing at Newport for the first time, the significance of the festival and the unique environment created by George Wein. Spalding also talks about why jazz and music festivals are important. Interview by Lee Mergner.


—Peter Blasevick

Esperanza Spalding – Music for Everyone’s Palate

This week I will be listing some interviews from the very cool site, A great online Jazz journal with interviews, reviews, and a lot more.

IRockJazz caught up with talented Esperanza Spalding at The Little Black Pearl before her performance at the 2011 Pearl Fest benefit concert. Esperanza addresses the issue that if people had the chance to be exposed to new and different music, they would come to appreciate other genres, such as jazz.

— Peter Blasevick