Cecil Taylor: 11/13/1978

This week I’ll be linking to a series of interviews from the Canadian Jazz Archive Online, a project of JAZZ FM.91, Canada’s premier jazz radio station.

Here are audio three clips from a 1978 interview with pianist, living legend, and free jazz pioneer Cecil Taylor in which he discusses ‘starving artists’, musical integrity versus commercial success, and his original style and his influence on other players. From one of the clips:

“But you know, the unfortunate aspects of a culture are manifested in the responses that culture takes on as beliefs regarding, you know, the cultural artifacts that come out of areas of that culture that they don’t understand or have difficulty in accepting. And in terms of business, what I see as happening is that, and it’s been happening, simply the reason that certain music is not popular is because it’s never given the machinery that results in a product becoming popular.”

Click here to listen to Cecil Taylor: 11/13/1978