Clark Terry in 2010

This week I’m posting interviews from Marc Myers’s award winning JazzWax blog, a very important web destination for today’s Jazz journalism. Here I’m posting Marc’s 2010 interview with living legend and most recorded Jazz trumpeter on the planet, Clark Terry. In Part 1 of the two part interview, Terry talks about growing up in St. Louis, playing in the Navy and working with Charlie Barnet and Duke Ellington. Part 2 covers Duke Ellington, Thelonious Monk, Norma Carson, and the first time he recorded on the flugelhorn. An excerpt:

JazzWax: What was St. Louis like in the 1930s? 
Clark Terry: St. Louis was very prejudiced when I wasgrowing up but it was a good jazz town. All the riverboats used to stop there heading up and down the Mississippi River. The boats brought many musicians into the area who were looking for work in town and in Kansas City. As a result, St. Louis was a good jumping off point to get established. Rent was cheap, the food was good and the ladies were beautiful [laughs].

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