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McCoy Tyner: NJN/State of the Arts Showcase 1995

Grammy Award winning jazz musician McCoy Tyner in a 1995 interview with State of the Arts host Amber Edwards. Tyner discusses his meteoric rise to fame when at the age of 17 he became part of the legendary John Coltrane Quartet along with his early years growing up in Philadelphia. Tyner performs solo renditions of Blue Stride and Flying High.

—Peter Blasevick

McCoy Tyner: Aug 2, 1988

This week I’ll be linking to a series of interviews from the Canadian Jazz Archive Online, a project of JAZZ FM.91, Canada’s premier jazz radio station.

Here are audio three clips from a 1988 interview with the great McCoy Tyner in which he discusses playing with John Coltrane, the nuances in learning jazz, and his career success and stature.

Click here to listen to McCoy Tyner: Aug 2, 1988