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Stan Getz: Dec 8, 1977


October 10, 2012 by Peter Blasevick

This week I’ll be linking to a series of interviews from the Canadian Jazz Archive Online, a project of JAZZ FM.91, Canada’s premier jazz radio station.

Here are audio three clips from a 1977 interview with saxophone great and latin jazz pioneer Stan Getz in which he discusses playing bass as a young man, selecting bandmembers, and his love of New York. From one of the clips:

“When somebody is going to leave my band, everybody knows it and they all scurry for a chance because they know that I give them plenty of room in my band. Nobody is stifled in my band, and I think it should be that way because jazz is s developing thing and jazz musicians develop and where else do they develop but on the job.”

Click here to listen to Stan Getz: Dec 8, 1977


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