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Two Jim Hall interviews from Downbeat

jimHallVery sad to hear of the passing of the great Jim Hall. In going back through the archives I was surprised to see I’ve never posted an interview with him! Here are two nice pieces on Hall from Downbeat Magazine, one from 1962 and the second from 1965. In this excerpt, Hall discusses his early time with Sonny Rollins:

“I was living on 49th Street with another guitar player, Park Hill, and sleeping on the floor,” he recalled. “Sonny had heard me somewhere and, since I had no phone, came on up to 49th St. and left me the invitation. He didn’t have a phone either so I went downtown to Grand St. with a note accepting.

“It was a tremendously rewarding year with Sonny. I learned more from him, and was inspired more by him, than anyone in recent years. He is such a virtuoso that it scares you to be on the same bandstand. I felt I had to practice every day so that I wouldn’t let Sonny down. I produced because I was scared of Sonny.

“The way he can project to an audience musically is fantastic. And he can sail in and out of different keys at random and at breakneck tempos. He and Bill Evans are the only virtuosos I’ve ever played with.”

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—Peter Blasevick

1960s Dexter Gordon Audio Interviews

More Dex this week! Here are 17 beautiful minutes of Dexter Gordon telling his life story. The audio comes from some rare outtakes and extras from Dexter Gordon – Complete Blue Note Sixties Sessions

—Peter Blasevick

Duke Ellington in exclusive interview from CBC’s Hot Air archive

More great jazz interviews this week from CBC-Radio Canada! The Bob Smith Hot Air archive is a treasure trove of approximately 50 interviews Smith recorded with some of the greatest stars of the day, from the world of jazz and beyond. Captured between 1950 and 1982, these interviews include conversations with Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn, Harry James, Oscar Peterson and Lena Horne, as well as Sammy Davis Jr., Bill Cosby, Harry Belafonte, Liza Minnelli and many others.

Here is a 1962 CBC-Radio Canada interview with the legendary Duke Ellington. Bob Smith had a lifelong fascination with Ellington and interviewed him no fewer than three times for the CBC. This featured conversation, perhaps Smith’s magnum opus as an interviewer, captures Ellington in a chatty and casual mood, with a surprise visit from the legend’s close collaborator, Billy Strayhorn.

Click here to listen to Duke Ellington in exclusive interview from CBC’s Hot Air archive.

Two Dexter Gordon Interviews

Dex sat down to talk to Les Tomkins in 1962 and these two great pieces came out of it. The legendary tenor talks about his time away from jazz, West Coast jazz, Blue Note, and a host of other topics.

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Charles Mingus and Nesuhi Ertegun

Record producer and executive Nesuhi Ertegun interviews the great bassist and bandleader Charles Mingus in Ertegun’s Atlantic records office in late 1961 or early 1962. The interview is well over and hour long. They talk about everything. Enjoy.

Miles Davis: a candid conversation with the jazz world’s premier iconoclast

The September 1962 Playboy interview with Miles Davis conducted by author Alex Haley.  Davis talks about his childhood, his reputation as a somewhat less than nice guy, and, of course, race.

Read the interview on either of the two below links:

Miles Davis: a candid conversation with the jazz world’s premier iconoclast 1

Miles Davis: a candid conversation with the jazz world’s premier iconoclast 2


Seven Interviews with John Coltrane

JohnColtrane.com, the official website of John Coltrane, has seven audio interviews with the legendary tenor saxophonist:

  • by August Blume on June 15, 1958, recorded at Blume’s home in Baltimore, Maryland prior to that evening’s performance of the Miles Davis Quintet (with John Coltrane, Red Garland, Paul Chambers, and Philly Joe Jones) at The Crystal Caverns, Washington, D.C.
  • by Dutch jazz historian Michiel de Ruyter November 19, 1961; December 1, 1962; October 26, 1963; and July 27, 1965
  • in Japan recorded by Kaname Kawachi on July 9, 1966. Coltrane comments on many great musicians including his time with Miles Davis
  • with Frank Kofski August 18, 1966. Coltrane discusses the breakup of his classic quartet.

Spiritualism and philosophy as a theme run through all of these interviews as you would expect with Coltrane, even as early as the earliest here in 1958.

Listen to all seven John Coltrane interviews here