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Benny Goodman: The Complete 1982 Interview About Charlie Christian

bennyGoodman98 years ago today the legendary Charlie Christian was born in Bonham, Texas. While he lived only a short 25 years and there isn’t much out there in the way of first hand interviews with Charlie, there were always musicians who played with him that were willing to discuss his short but brilliant career. Here is a 1982 telephone interview with Benny Goodman conducted by Jas Obrecht on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Christian’s
passing. From the interview:

charlieChristianSome books now claim that Charlie was instrumental in pioneering bebop.

Well, that’s true, isn’t it?  Yeah. But to me, he sounded quite different than that. He wasn’t as hectic as bebop, as far as I’m concerned. But I can see the influence that I can imagine that some people would say he had over bop. His inventions, his harmonic structure – quite miraculous. There was a phrase in – what was it? [Sings several measures of Christian’s “Air Mail Special” solo.] Remember the release? Yeah. [Sings some “Air Mail Special” riffs.] Those kinds of phrases – extraordinary!

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—Peter Blasevick

Four Chick Corea Interviews with Les Tomkins plus Gary Burton!

Chick Corea keeps putting out great music; his latest duo recording with Gary Burton is testament to that! Here are four interviews with the pianist, all between 1972 and 1982. The final one, from 1982, is actually a joint interview with longtime collaborator Burton, and in it he discusses preparing for a tour together:

How much actual preparation do you need before embarking on a concert tour together?

The groundwork has already been laid in the past year since we’ve developed our way of working together. The only additional preparation we ever do is finding music to play; I compose, we find other compositions to do, and we work them into the repertoire by going over them once or twice, then finding where to drop the new piece into the performance. Except the next album project we have in mind is going to take quite a bit of preparation, actually, because I’m going to write a piece for Gary and myself with a string quartet as well. So the composing will be a process, and then us looking at the music, getting accustomed to it, and seeing how to make it work with the strings will be a full process in itself. I’m looking forward to that. The music will be sort of like a double concerto idea, where there’s two soloists and an orchestra that’s made up of four strings.

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Johnny Griffin 1982

Johnny Griffin was a great tenor player who is probably best known for his time with Thelonious Monk. An excerpt from the linked 1982 interview at the Canadian Jazz Archive:

Q: “Of everybody you worked with, you had the most admiration for Monk?”

A: “Yes, Thelonious. Yes, I admired Thelonious more than anyone else, you know, just for the man himself. I’d been with Monk when he was getting unemployment compensation from New York State in the 40s and I was with him when they acclaimed him as the greatest, you know, working in the five spots, you know, he’s getting all this acclaim and the man had never changed. He never changed. He was a beautiful person.”

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Gerry Mulligan: CBS Sunday Morning News 1982

This is a great piece. Pianist Billy Taylor interviews innovative saxophonist and “cool jazz” pioneer Gerry Mulligan for the CBS Morning News in 1982. Mulligan discusses his early days, his five night engagement with the New York Philharmonic conducted by Maestro Zuben Mehta, and his versatility. Gerry plays piano and sings, and excerpts from live performances are included.

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Two Tal Farlow interviews

For the legendary guitarist’s 91st birthday, here are two magazine interviews:

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Interview with John McLaughlin by Robert Fripp in Musician

This 1982 interview with John McLaughlin conducted by Robert Fripp for Musician Magazine is exactly what you would imagine an interview with John McLaughlin conducted by Robert Fripp would be like. Enjoy.

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Four Zoot Sims Audio Interviews

Today it’s back to the Canadian Jazz Archive and JazzFM91 for snippets from four early 80s radio interviews with Zoot Sims:

Click here for 1/23/80: On his musical aspirations, his disposition for being a grounded person, and his success as a musician.

Click here for 3/11/81: On making records,  his musical style, and practicing.

Click here for 4/20/82: On the effect of alcohol on his musicianship, the quality of music versus listenability, and his leisure time

Click here for 4/22/83: On the importance of keeping a repertoire fresh, the musical influences of his family, and the decision to become a musician.

Dizzy Gillespie One on One

Charlie Rose interviews the legendary trumpeter in this 1982 TV interview. Dizzy is his usual self, insightful and sincere while being charming impossible not to love. He talks about what it takes to make a great trumpeter, American jazz musicians living in Europe, and his trademark horn and cheeks, among many other topics.

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