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Dave Frank: My Teacher, Lennie Tristano

Here is 6:22 of pretty much everything I love about jazz on the internet. JazzVideoGuy, who does such important work for the legacy of jazz, interviewing the ridiculously hip, funny, and burning Dave Frank about his teacher and great influence Lennie Tristano. Eat up every second of this great interview.


—Peter Blasevick

Sonny Rollins in India – Learning Yoga and Why

Bret Primack, better known as JazzVideoGuy, is a treasure trove of great interviews, documentaries, and performances on YouTube, many of which feature the legendary Sonny Rollins. He recently posted a bunch more with the tenor great, including this one on Sonny’s 1967 trip to India, where he lived in an Ashram and studied Yoga. 

—Peter Blasevick

Rare Conversation with John Scofield and Joe Henderson: 9/3/96

Courtesy of JazzVideoGuy:

“Guitarist John Scofield and Joe Henderson met with Bret Primack for an interview that would become an article for JazzTimes magazine. Bret documented the interview on a Sony High 8 camcorder and the tapes sat in his archives for fifteen years. While transferring some content for another video, Bret discovered the lost interview, found the content quite interesting, and decided to post it here, in its entirety, even though the technical quality is not up to today’s standards.”

Mulgrew Miller in Six Parts 2007

In this fantastic 6 part 2007 video interview, JazzVideoGuy Bret Primack trains his camera on the great Mulgrew Miller. The modern legend speaks about nearly everything, with a great deal of time spent on jazz education and his work at William Paterson University.